Get Involved! Be Practical, Be Powerful, Be Purposeful
D.A.P./ Divine Anointed Purposeful-Youth Choir
S.E.E.D./ Spirit Essence Embraces Divinity
M.O.P./ Men of Purpose/
-Responsible for coordinating and working with men ages eighteen+ at Ministry.
Delivered Into Victorious Anointing
-Responsible for coordinating and working with women ages eighteen+ at Ministry
Youth of Purpose/
(Six Departments)
-Purposeful Parenting
-Act on It, Speak on It( Drama and Spoken Word Ministry)
-D.A.P.- Youth Choir
-Millennial Meetup-Covering ages 18-35
-L.I.T.( Learning in Truth)-A “speak your mind” listening Bible Study Session for Youth.
-Note Passing-Where Youth Interview an Elder within the Ministry to feature within our annual ministry yearbook.
Entrepreneurship Ministry/
-Teaches how to build your business, maintain your business, network your business and varying techniques and tools utilized to assist your businesses’ growth and development.
D.R.O.P./ Doing Righteousness on Purpose/
-Responsible for Outreach such as Nursing Home Ministry, Hospital Visits, Street Marketing, Parking Assistance, etc.
Pastor’s Family Unit Ministry/
-Responsible for attending to the needs of the Pastor and his immediate family.
For more information regarding our various ministries, as well as how to participate, please contact us at: